WWII Radio Heroes:
Letters of Compassion

"a great story untold until now..."
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About the Author

Lisa Spahr has a masters degree in psychology and 
an extensive history in the field of research for universities and private organizations, focusing on law and psychiatry research, military applications, and policing operations and tactics. Examples of her work include: examining the construct of psychopathy in prisoner and juvenile populations, and creating guidelines for suicide bomb response for police officers in the United States. 

Lisa's respect for veterans- which started with her respect for her grandfather and his brothers- led her to work for the American Legion's Washington, D.C. office for several years as a researcher and advocate examining issues related to the Gulf and Vietnam conflicts. She went on to work for a military contractor, working alongside the greatest men and women in the armed services.

Lisa was born in Wellsville, PA. At the age of 19 she left to pursue her degree in Philadelphia. From there she has lived in and visited cities across the globe such as Rome, Liverpool, Side (Turkey), Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Heidelberg. 

Lisa received her bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia and Rome, Italy and her master's of science degree in investigative psychology from the University of Liverpool in England.  

Lisa lives in West County, St. Louis, with her daughters, Bahia and Philomina, and trusty canine rescue, Syrah Jayne- the Airedale-mix.

Lisa is available for book signings, speaking engagements and group discussions.

Contact her at author@powletters.com

Visit her blog for WWII Radio Heroes at

We welcome you to post your comments on the blog about the book, topics that are important to you or those that you'd like Lisa to comment on.

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